This section of the website is dedicated to Mary Cameron.
Miss Cameron was Eeman's trusted assistant for almost 30 years.
Little is known about her besides a few notes in Eeman's books.
From what I can decipher from them Miss Cameron would have been born around 1910-1911 and she first met Eeman around 1928-29. It is clear that he appreciated her a great deal, and it is through her we also touch on Eeman's intuitive faculties.
In Miss Cameron's own words:

"I had left the place where I lived as I could not remain there any longer.I did not know where to go and what to do.
I had no money and no training. I was only eighteen, and was carrying all my worldly goods with me as I walked down the streets of London. Suddenly, a gentleman came down the steps of a house, smiled gently at me and we spoke.
After a short time he told me he had been waiting for me and that I would work with him.
I went inside and there I stayed. learnt from him, and we worked side by side".

And from Co-Operative Healing, Eeman paints this vivid picture of his trusted assistant:

Miss Cameron is very sensitive, highly-strung, and acutely selective in her detection of objective influences, as has been shown in our drug tests. She has a great gift of sympathy which makes it natural for her to "get into other people's shoes" and take their troubles unto herself. She is a keen and accurate observer and recorder of her subjective reactions and a punctiliously truthful woman.

And from Leslie Patten author of "Biocircuits" I received the following:

I have a few interesting letters, though no one alive seemed to know Mr. Eeman except his daughter.  Eeman's assistant is long dead, but I did find an interesting letter from someone who had contact with her at a meeting where she was giving out phamplets on the 'X-Force'  which I suppose you'd now call the Life Force.  This person said that she was a very intense and powerful person with a lot of 'x-force' running through her.


If anyone have information regarding Miss Cameron please contact me so we can make this section grow in her honour.