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This site is resurrection of the original L.E. Eeman Archive created by Cesco Soggiu.

I'd like to thank Cesco for his blessings to continue the archive and for putting all of this material together. Without Cesco's efforts most of this material would be lost to time.

Over time the site will be expanded to include a research section where first hand experiences with use of the Eeman Screens and individual effects and results can be collated. With the aim of facilitating a broader discussion on the metaphysics of Biocircuts and it's related modalities in general.

L.E. Eeman Biography

Leo Eugenius Albertus Maria Eeman was born the 18th of May 1889, in Gent, Belgium, he later changed his name to Leon Ernest Eeman. It is unknown at what point he moved to England but it is from the London area where he would establish his professional practice and spend his adult life.

He married his wife, Maude Regina Ohlmann in 1912, and they had two children together. A son Peter, who tragically passed away in a car accident in 1950 at 32 years of age, and a daughter Beryl Pauline Eeman. Beryl Pauline was born 5th of June 1916, and passed away in 1992, and was the last remaining link to the Eeman family. To my knowledge she never married or had any children of her own.

Eeman served in the First World War as a pilot in the Royal Fusiliers from 1915 to 1918.

During that time he fell ill from dysentery and malaria. Significantly, he suffered severe injuries from a plane crash which resulted in his hospitalization for almost two years. It was during this time that he gained an insight into the self healing mechanisms of the human body and developed a technique that healed him physically, nervously and mentally.

“After a few weeks in a hospital bed, two things became clear: that I was in such pain and felt so ill that I couldn’t live much longer, and that if I was to recover I should have to do the job myself, as none of the treatments I had received had relieved either the acute head and spine pains and the unbearable insomnia, or the war exhaustion brought on by flying in four different countries, with dysentery and malaria added for good measure. I concentrated all I had left in me on my wish to recover and to do so by my own means, in view of the failure of allopathic medicine." “This wish became so powerful that one morning, weak though I was, I wildly struck my bedside table with my fist and shouted at my orderly that whatever anybody thought, I would get completely fit again."

After pondering the way Jesus was said to heal people just by laying his hands on them, Eeman developed a set of copper polarity screens. After two years of regular use, Eeman reported that his excruciating pain and insomnia were completely gone, and he felt in better health than he had ever known. (!) Intrigued by the power of the simple device, he went on to experiment and successfully treat a wide range of health problems in many people.

After this breakthrough he spent most of his effort understanding the hidden mechanisms of the human body, researching the metaphysics of healing until the end of his life. From 1919 and until his death Eeman discovered and experimented with the bi-polar nature of man and developed a system for healing through relaxation. He found that one could produce either tension or relaxation from the linking of polarities of the body, and created a simple device that would cancel out external influences. This device was refered to as relaxation screens/circuits and has later been given the commercial name "Biocircuits". Eeman wrote about his discoveries in great detail in what is considered his Magnum Opus: "Co-Operative Healing". The book was published in 1947 and contains a detailed introduction from J. C. Maby, an independent researcher that was introduced to Eeman by J.B. Rhine.

It is clear from Co-Operative Healing that Eeman saw the great potential for a deeper understanding of the functioning of the human body and it's benefits for therapeutic applications. He went out of his way to establish contact with the medical community to share his findings and collaborate with them for the benefit of his fellow man. Sadly he was largely ignored, despite his great effort to gain a wider understanding of how we function and developing more effective ways of treatment through that understanding.

Eeman passed away in 1958 after a fall, at the age of sixty-nine.

May we all remember and honour him with gratitude in our hearts. It is hoped that bringing his work forward to a wider audience through the internet at a time when alternative therapies are ever moving closer to recognition and usage by the medical community that this work will be seen in a new light. Further experimentation and usage may establish Eeman's, almost lost discovery on a firmer grounding of recognition.

Cordially and respectfully.
Maxwell E. Harman

Mary Cameron

Miss Cameron was Eeman's trusted assistant for almost 30 years. Little is known about her besides a few notes in Eeman's books. From what I can decipher from them Miss Cameron would have been born around 1910-1911 and she first met Eeman around 1928-29. It is clear that he appreciated her a great deal, and it is through her we also touch on Eeman's intuitive faculties.
In Miss Cameron's own words:

I had left the place where I lived as I could not remain there any longer.I did not know where to go and what to do. I had no money and no training. I was only eighteen, and was carrying all my worldly goods with me as I walked down the streets of London. Suddenly, a gentleman came down the steps of a house, smiled gently at me and we spoke. After a short time he told me he had been waiting for me and that I would work with him. I went inside and there I stayed. learnt from him, and we worked side by side.

And from Co-Operative Healing, Eeman paints this vivid picture of his trusted assistant:

Miss Cameron is very sensitive, highly-strung, and acutely selective in her detection of objective influences, as has been shown in our drug tests. She has a great gift of sympathy which makes it natural for her to "get into other people's shoes" and take their troubles unto herself. She is a keen and accurate observer and recorder of her subjective reactions and a punctiliously truthful woman.

And from Leslie Patten author of "Biocircuits" I received the following:

I have a few interesting letters, though no one alive seemed to know Mr. Eeman except his daughter. Eeman's assistant is long dead, but I did find an interesting letter from someone who had contact with her at a meeting where she was giving out phamplets on the 'X-Force' which I suppose you'd now call the Life Force. This person said that she was a very intense and powerful person with a lot of 'x-force' running through her.

If anyone has any information regarding Miss Cameron please contact me so we can make this section grow in her honour.



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Articles and Lectures by L.E. Eeman:

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Books Concerning L.E. Eeman by other Authors

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